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  • 1) What are the trails like?
    Mainly established footpaths and trails, but there is some rough stuff across trackless heather-clad hills. Almost certainly some mud, and some short sections of tarmac.

  • 2) What shoes should I wear?
    Your call - we'd be inclined towards trail shoes.

  • 3) Is it hilly or mountainous?
    We prefer the term 'undulating' :) - the course profile is below.

  • 4) Are there cut-offs?
    We're still working on this, and may impose some cut offs - we will only do this if we feel it is necessary to keep competitors and marshals happy and safe. We think the course is achievable by anyone who has done the appropriate training, and we've been generous in our anticipated timing calculations. We will communicate details of cut-offs as soon as we know them. However, we do reserve the right to apply cut off-offs as late as the race briefing, and potentially during the race. Weather and water conditions may affect our decision-making.

  • 5) What's at the aid stations?
    The usual: cakes, bananas, water, energy bars and/or gels (manufacturer TBC).

  • 6) Can spectators come and see me?
    Yes - there are several easily accessible points on the course that spectators can reach.

  • 7) Can I have a copy of the course map?
    We're not planning to publish the course map at this stage - that might change though. The reasons for this are (a) we will be crossing some areas of land we have special permission for - we want to keep landowners on our side by keeping the impacts to race day only, and (b) we've still got our eye on some extra bits of water and some interesting trails. If we can tweak the course to use them we will.